SPOKANE, Wash. -

At Meals on Wheels volunteers pay for their own gas to deliver meals, and with gas prices jumping, one local 10-year-old has come up with an innovative way to ease that burden.

Gas prices have jumped 22 cents in the last week. Nationally, the average price is $3.91 while in Spokane the average is $3.59.

The price spike is hurting the volunteers at Meals on Wheels, but with a rusty old pickup truck and dozens of aluminum cans, 10-year-old Dan Close is looking to give those volunteer drivers a helping hand.

Close is the kid behind Dan's Cans.

He might have to wait six years until he can get behind the wheel but he's already helping some special volunteers get around town. Every June, Dan collects and recycles aluminum cans.

"All the money I earn I give to Meals on Wheels, he explained.


They in turn use the money to buy gas vouchers for their volunteers.

"We just want to do what we can, we are glad we did it," Dan's mom, Raney Close, said.

He's been at it a while, too. Dan's Cans started when he was just five-years-old.

"I usually have these little sheets I hand out, but sometimes people just drive by and see the sign and drop off cans," he explained.

Dan's mom Raney couldn't be more proud of her son. With every aluminum can he recycles, Dan's learning many important life skills.

"I thought it was the perfect thing for a young boy to do, to learn how to help others and grandmas and grandpas are great to help," Raney Close said.

When asked how it feels to be a role model to young kids Dan said it feels pretty good, and Meals on Wheels thinks its pretty cool this 10-year-old is helping local seniors.

If you'd like to donate you can drop off your cans to Meals on Wheels at 1222 West 2nd Avenue in downtown Spokane.