Teens take to the roads to learn how to drive over summer break

Published On: Jun 12 2013 06:08:38 PM PDT
911 Driving School
SPOKANE, Wash. -

This week is the one your kids have been looking forward to all year long the last week of school. Summer break means more teens are going to be on the road, with some of them preparing to drive for the first time.

It's a right of passage not only for the young new driver but the parents as well, but the staff at 911 Driving School say that even though it is a little scary, the learning experience that is Driver's Ed can be both safe and enjoyable.

911 Driving School is unique as all their instructors are either former or current police officers.

"They're in great hands because they are going to get first hand knowledge of mistakes people have made tragedies that have happened," owner AJ Seitz said.

One of the hardest parts of learning how to drive is learning parallel parking. Seitz said people dread the parallel parking test but really shouldn't.

"40,000 parallel parkings we have done and we have never hit a car," he said.

A recent change to the process means the department of licensing no longer administers the final test; its taken at private driving schools like 911.

"It's very relaxed, I mean we stay really on track so people aren't having to wait for hours, maybe just a couple minutes when they show up there, so it is a lot more relaxed. We engage people when we come out to start the test and put them at ease," Seitz said.