SPOKANE, Wash. -

It's the last day of summer for teachers and students in Spokane schools, and many are excited about the prospect of getting back to class.

One of those who is ready to get back to work is Monica Hawkinson, who is teaching second grade at Roosevelt Elementary this year. It's her first year back teaching her own class after a 10-year break in which she did some administrative work and literacy tutoring within the schools. Prior to that she taught for 20 years.

She said she had to get back in the classroom because she missed working with the same group of kids for an entire year, so she's been working to put the final touches on her classroom and finalizing the schedule for her first day.

“Not as much academics the first couple days, but we'll hit them and they'll be ready,” she said. “The first week its really important to teach those procedures, how we act in the hallway, and the bathroom and where do we hang our coat."

Hawkinson says the thing that she is most excited about is getting to know each one of her 18 students.

While most students go back to school in Spokane Tuesday, kindergartners won't be starting classes until Friday.