SPOKANE, Wash. -

Each season many fires are human caused and in the Fishtrap area southwest of Spokane recreational shooting is the main source of the first spark, with human caused fires burning in that area for the past five years.

A shimmering field of bullet shells, shot up tin cans and fragments of shooting discs. One hillside has been the sight of both target shooting and human-caused fires for half a decade.

“It is a bit notorious this is the Fishtrap Lake area, one of the public access lands people come to go target shooting,” Lincoln County Fire Chief Mitch Lowry said.

But for Tammy Miller its home. The last few years she's watched this land catch fire over and over again.

“They've been more prevalent in the last several years. The Watermelon Hill Fire of course," she said.

Just a few weeks ago a 70-acre fire scorched this hillside, that fire one of many started by recreational shooting.

“That hillside in the background it makes perfect for the recreational sport shooter to set up a long distance target onto the side of the hill," Lowry said.

Fire officials can't prohibit shooting on public land but they can educate these shooters and on Friday they put up four new signs in the area so those heading to the popular spot are aware of the conditions.

“Know before you go, know your ammo, know the weather and avoid shooting in hot, dry and windy conditions," Fire Management Officer Richard Parrish with the Spokane Bureau of Land Management said.

“Be prepared, have some water, have a shovel just in case you do create a spark so you can actually have the immediate fire prevention on scene," Lowry said.

Miller says this is how they'll keep the Fishtrap area, her home, safe.

“That's what we need to do is patrol and what were doing today educate," she said.

While recreational shooting is not illegal on public land like Fishtrap, binary targets or exploding targets are what cause the most problems. Fire officials also say if you insist on shooting in fire weather conditions avoid shooting in areas with a lot of rocks or at metal targets, anything that can cause a spark.