SPOKANE, Wash. -

A new Target is on track to open up on the Moran Prairie on July 27.

"I think it's going to be a great addition to this neighborhood," developer Dave Black said

The new Target is just one store opening as part of the new Regal Plaza. Petsmart and Cafe Rio are also moving in. So what else is coming in?

"I can't announce any names but I am negotiating with a national massage chain, I'm negotiating with a national restaurant for the plaza space, I'm negotiating with Supercuts," Black said.

Black said it'll be another month or two before he can make an announcement. Some neighbors hope chains aren't the only tenants moving in.

"I think the neighborhood and the folks around here are looking for some more local and regional businesses to fill in those gaps as he is looking for tenants," said Ted Teske, a member of the Southgate Neighborhood Council. "The more you can support local business and make this a very unique place, the better."

The shopping center will also have a community plaza, which will be a gathering place complete with a fountain and outdoor seating. The Southgate Neighborhood Council likes the idea of a plaza, but it's not completely sold on the entire project.

Teske is disappointed there isn't any on-street parking.

"Which is really going to affect the character of these streets, you aren't going to have a pedestrian friendly zone at 35 mph so we are hoping to find some other ways to calm the traffic and invite pedestrians to use the street more," said Tekse.

When Target opens, Black thinks the community will be happy to spend their money and time at the corner of Regal and Palouse.

"Even the harshest critics are going to love it when it's done," said Black.