SPOKANE, Wash. -

Tim Suchow the man suspected of killing South Hill businessman Doug Carlile in a murder-for-hire scheme could be facing a capital punishment case.

Spokane County prosecutors were unavailable Tuesday to say if they will seek the death penalty against Suchow.

Right now there is nothing in court documents to suggest he has been cooperating with Spokane Police major crimes detectives who obviously would like him to implicate the other players in this case.

Now, the prospect of facing the death penalty may be used to get Suchow to start talking.

If Jim Henrikson did hire Suchow for a contract killing, Spokane police are in the position of playing them against each other. Suchow is 50-years-old and if convicted is looking at a minimum 25 year prison sentence even if prosecutors don't seek the death penalty. So if he doesn't want to die behind bars, he's going to need to testify against the man who hired him.

Detectives think Henrikson ordered the South Hill hit for business reasons. A few weeks before his death, Carlile told one of his adult sons, "if I disappear or wake up with bullets in my back, promise me you will let everyone know that James Henrikson did it."  

A week ago, federal agents raided Henrikson's North Dakota home and found seven guns including two .45 caliber pistols. Henrikson, a convicted felon, cannot possess firearms, so now he's behind bars in a Bismarck jail being held without bond.

To this point he's told Spokane police he didn't have anything to do with Carlile's death, but now that he's locked up Henrikson may chose to implicate Suchow because, in most murder cases, the defendant who makes a deal with prosecutors first usually gets the best deal.

Other murders that can put you on death row here in Washington State include killing someone as part of a gang initiation and, oddly enough, killing news reporters to keep them off a story.