SPOKANE, Wash. -

Sunday was the 25th anniversary on a wildfire event known in Spokane as Firestorm.
The fires of Oct. 16, 1991, burned 114 homes and about 35,000 acres.

The fires were fueled by 60 mph winds and 41 days without rain. There were 92 separate blazes that prompted more than 3,000 calls to 911.

The Spokesman-Review says the blazes changed how fire awareness and prevention are taught in the Spokane area.

Guy Gifford, spokesman for the state Department of Natural Resources, says there is an increased focus on wildland fire education, especially creating defensible space.

He says a study after the 1991 disaster found that 30 percent of homes with no defensible space burned, while 18 percent of homes with five to 29 feet of defensible space burned.