Strong winds were expected to last through Saturday evening, a cause for concern for fire officials at the Spokane Complex Fire.

Strong winds could cause flare ups for current fires or the rapid spread of new fires.

Last Sunday, when these fires initially broke out, there were similar weather conditions. The difference now, is with so many hands on deck there are resources to quickly respond.

Early afternoon on Saturday, John Fox, the Incident Meteorologist for the Spokane Complex Fire, was picking up wind speeds upwards of 20 miles an hour, but said the worst would come in the evening hours. ?

While fire starts are a huge concern, it's they safety of the fire fighters on the ground that's their top priority.

"There's always the possibility trees could come blowing down because dead trees become hazards, they're called snags, and on windy days like this obviously you need to be aware of that threat," Fox said.

Fire officials say there were a couple reports of fire starts around the region, but all were relatively small.

Officials encourage everyone to stay up to date on all of the weather conditions in your area and be aware of your surroundings in case a fire does break out.