SPOKANE, Wash. -

Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub wants to put more police officers in neighborhoods across the city, as he and Mayor David Condon announced their intentions to develop geographic police service areas throughout the city Monday.

And part of the plan, the police department would dedicate a police captain, two detectives and four officers to the north side of town which will work out of C.O.P.S shops. A similar set-up will be implemented on the south side of Spokane, all in an effort to put police where they're needed, right when they're needed.

"We need to be engaged at the grass roots level, the boots on the ground level to really deal with some of these community issues," Straub said.

Late this summer, a downtown police station was opened. It was the first phase in a three-phase plan to develop geographic police service areas with the eventual goal of creating a precinct system for the city.

This is the second phase with officers dedicated to north and south Spokane will be stationed at C.O.P.S. shops. The idea is that if you have a problem you will have a place to go near where you live with familiar faces that know your neighborhood and the specific issues your neighborhood deals with.

"The more we're in the community, the more we are accessible to the community, the more the ability we have to break down some of those walls that have been built up over the years, the more the better off we are in terms of really understanding what community concerns are," Straub said.

Next week, police captains will begin looking at the best way to implement this plan and make the move. Those resources should be in place sometime in January.