SPOKANE, Wash. -

Big changes are coming to Spokane's Hoopfest, as executive director Rick Steltenpohl has announced he will be stepping down.

This year is the 25th anniversary of Hoopfest, the largest three-on-three basketball tournament in the world. Steltenpohlone of Hoopfest's co-founders, is expected to remain as executive director through this year's tournament.

Steltenpohl says Hoopfest will always remain a big part of his life.

"I think Spokane is at its best during these big events like Bloomsday and Lilac and Hoopfest. It's just fun to see how that happens. And to have been a part of it ... I am grateful for what Hoopfest has done for me, and my family, and the impact it's had on my life," he said.

The Spokane Hoopfest Association has begun the search for a new executive director,. Those interested can apply for the job on the Hoopfest website.