SPOKANE, Wash. -

Spokane students went back to class Tuesday, which means its time for a reminder for drivers to keep an eye out for those younger pedestrians heading to and from school every weekday.

At Longfellow Elementary Tuesday morning the kids were filled with excitement as they saw all of their friends and classmates, hit the Longfellow victory tunnel with Spokane Indians mascot Otto, a back to school tradition, and get ready for another year of learning.

“I'm thinking it means that they are giving a big welcome to come back to school and get ready to have fun," Braden Ackerman said.

Second grade teacher Adrian Espindola wants kids to know this is more than just a party.

“It's so powerful to see them have, I mean this amount of support in the community. That's really the intent behind this project to show the kids that there are people outside the local Longfellow community that support them and want them to be successful in school," Espindola said.

These kids can't be successful in school without making it there safely, so Spokane Police teamed up with the school district to make a safety video, reminding parents that “20 is plenty” and to watch your speed, the road, and watch out for kids walking on the sidewalk and in crosswalks. Nine out of ten pedestrians hit by a vehicle traveling 20 miles per hour survive. At 40 miles per hour those numbers completely flip and just one out of ten pedestrians survive.

“When we are driving a car is there is a consequence. When we are looking down at our phone or for changing the FM radio. If you decide to do that at the wrong time and a child walks out in front of you that's a consequence I would not want to have to live with, having to live with hitting a child," Spokane Police Officer Craig Bulkley said.

Remember speed cameras are in place at Longfellow and Finch Elementary and the fine for going six to ten miles an hour over 20 is $234. Fines go up from there based on your speed.