SPOKANE, Wash. -

A downtown businessman says a series of burglaries at his shoe and sports apparel store are threatening to put him out of business.

Last fall, street kids used a metal pipe to smash out a very large window and steal expensive sunglasses from Sport Town, Steve Warwick's store. A surveillance camera caught the group dividing up the loot in a nearby stairwell. Then, over the weekend, the store was broken into again.

“We know because we’ve seen part of the merchandise that was confiscated,” Warwick said. “There were four or five Seahawk items but there were other items besides just Seahawks items.”

Warwick spent $1,000 repairing the front door only to get hit the following night.

“I was hoping it wasn’t going to happen again the next night, so I go home and go to bed,” he said. “In the morning, I think it was, I get a phone call and I’m back on my way up here.”

Warwick might have never know who had stolen his stuff, but a friend of Parish Tate spotted Tate with two trash bags of Sport Town loot and called police.

“That person was trying to do the right thing and was trying to [make] the world a better place by doing the right thing,” said.

It was Tate’s fourth arrest in less than a month.

Warwick went to court today to lobby for a high bond amount, but because Tate is currently only charged with possession of stolen property, not the burglaries, the judge set bond at $5,000.