SPOKANE, Wash. --- A Spokane woman is a Paralympic gold medal winner and world record holder. Rachael Morrison, 29, arrived home from the Paralympic Games in Rio Sunday afternoon.

Morrison says she's been training for this for 2 years with ParaSport in Spokane. She says weight training and cardio have all prepared her for this big moment.

She broke the world record in the women's discus throw with a 13.09, topping her own record at the 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships in October.

"I keep doing it time and time again 'cause it's fun," Morrison said.

"I told everyone in my office that she won gold medal and she got the world record and I was smiling the rest of the day and every time I think about it I just cant take the smile off my face," Rachael's roommate Krystle Horton said.

Morrison was paralyzed in 2012 by a rare condition that damages the spinal cord called transverse myelitis, but that clearly has not stopped her.

"It really doesn't matter what my impairments or disabilities are. I can go beyond what society is expecting of me," Morrison said.

Morrison has gone beyond the expected and plans to keep breaking more of her own records. Until then, she is enjoying holding on to her very own gold medal.

"I haven't yet put to words how it truly makes me feel," Morrison said.