The Brown children have waited nearly half their life for the perfect present, a presence. For the last nine months Katie Brown has been taking care of two-year-old Tanner, and three-year-old Grace. All while their dad, Sgt. Tyler Brown was fighting in Afghanistan.

So Saturday night, she brought them to see Santa at the Valley Mall to cheer them up and make a wish. From around the Christmas tree, it came true. Sgt. Brown stepped out and greeted his children and wife. They cheered 'daddy,' and smiled.

"Hey big boy what are you doing? You got so big buddy," Brown said to his son.

"Yeah," Tanner said with a smile.

Sgt. Tyler brown flew in just hours before on a long flight. He couldn't wait to hold his two children, and kiss his wife.

"I feel good, it's a great feeling," Sgt. Brown said.

"We're so excited to have daddy home, huh?" Katie Brown said to Grace.

"He gets to be home for Christmas, yeah!" Grace said.