The push to cover up bikini baristas is heating up in Spokane Valley, where the city council is now trying to figure out what is and isn't appropriate attire.

Before a packed crowd Thursday afternoon the Spokane Valley City Council discussed a possible public decency ordinance, a week after a group of people protested outside the XXX Espresso drive-thru. The city council said it wants to keep Spokane Valley an attractive place for business while also balancing the needs of the community.

Council members wants their legal department to come up with a balanced solution that will protect the rights of baristas while addressing citizens concerns.

On Monday, the City of Spokane voted down an ordinance that would have prevented baristas from wearing pasties and g-strings. Now bikini baristas in Spokane Valley wait and see what will happen here.

"Well, if they try to make us cover up too much but that is going to pose another threat to like beaches, it's a whole community. You can't just say these people at this coffee stand can only wear this," Sarah Birnel said.

"When we put it out on the streets, where buses have to change their driving routes because what is out there and available to the general public is obscene and should not be for everyone to participate in," Mindy Wright said.

It could be up to a month before an ordinance is drafted for the council. Until then it will be business as usual for bikini baristas in Spokane Valley.