If you're like most people you have questions about the Affordable Health Care Act, set to take full effect January 1, which is why the State of Washington opened a call center Tuesday in Spokane Valley to answer those questions.

If you're one of the one million people in the state who are uninsured, the people there can help. They say even if you are insured, they may be able to provide better coverage for a cheaper price, all you have to do is call.

In the first hour of its opening there were hundreds of inquiries, all calls are about the Affordable Health Care Act. It's the first day people in Washington have a room full of people waiting to answer those questions at the Washington Health Benefit Exchange in Spokane Valley.

“When we're looking at our customer support representatives, there was a great talent base to pull off of,” Michael Marchand with the Washington Health Benefit Exchange said.

The exchange was set up by the Affordable Health Care Act and is basically there to give answers on how much the plan would cost you and your family if it'll cover your current medical needs and if you would save by switching.

“They're all going to be tailored to meet people's individual needs or their budget so it's a great opportunity," Marchand said.

You can’t buy insurance now, but starting October 1 and running through the end of the year, you can apply and then you'll be set come January 1, 2014.

Whether you're set up already or not Marchand suggests calling in to find out what all the buzz is about.

“It’s not just for those who are uninsured, but also for those who are underinsured. Our hope is, is that whether you have insurance or not today you check out what the opportunity is for you,” Marchand said.

If you have questions the toll-free customer support line is 1-855-923-4633 and the call center will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.