SPOKANE, Wash. -

It's a story that's gone viral with Spokane connections.  A Texas man claimed he shot and killed Bigfoot, and has driven the body around the country charging people $10 to see it. A Spokane man is refuting those claims, because he built the Bigfoot prop the man is using.

"Step right up...they are going to see Bigfoot, and I am going to tell you it is a real Bigfoot," Rick Dyer told KSAT-TV in San Antonio outside of his trailer supposedly holding the beast in January.

Rick Dyer has claimed he shot and killed Bigfoot for a year and a half. In January, he was offering the public a chance to see the body for themselves.

"Come in and take a peak and listen to my story and see my evidence first-hand and you can make up your own mind," Dyer said.

According to multiple media reports, Dyer admitted last week the Bigfoot body was fake. Now, for the first time, Spokane artist Chris Russell can talk about it.

"I gave him what he asked for. He called and paid for it, and we put it on the board and did it, we made his body," Russell said.

Russell makes masks, costumes, and props for TV shows and movies. He says a non-disclosure agreement prevented him from addressing Dyer's claims until now.
"He sent specifications, pictures off the internet, measurements of the size he wanted it," Russell said. "Four feet wide at the shoulders and almost eight feet tall."

Russell says he built the Bigfoot named "Hank" last December for a Dyer. He showed KXLY the camel hair he used for the body and the mold of the face. Russell said Dyer told him it was for a movie he was filming about a guy who shot Bigfoot and showed it to people around the country. Russell even wonders whether or not Dyer coming clean is the final act.

"He's probably still shooting his film right now I'm guessing who knows what's going on with him," he said.

Russell told KXLY he didn't allow Dyer's cameras to film him in his workshop because he "didn't want to be part of a prank move."

Dyer was also involved in a Bigfoot hoax in 2008.