SPOKANE, Wash. -

Spokane road crews worked throughout the night to clear arterials and residential hills and while the roads are much better than they were Sunday evening, many people just want winter to end. Soon.

On Sunday, almost five inches of snow were dumped on snow, a reminder that even if it's March on the calendar, winter is refusing to go away quietly.

"I'm definitely ready for like the five inches to not happen anymore, it's crazy," Troy Patterson said.

"I was so mad, I was like finally it's all melting and then boom, it was all there and the roads were terrible," Brianna Robinson said.

"I am absolutely ready for green, I'm ready to get rid of this yucky stuff here," Eric Morlan said.

City crews worked 24/7 to clear the streets. Monday morning 55 pieces of equipment were out plowing residential hills and cleaning up downtown.

"We will work to get that snow melted especially as the temperatures warm up so we don't have to rack it or berm it in the downtown area," Spokane Mayor David Condon said.

The city is again in a Stage One Snow Event, which means arterials, bus routes, hospitals, residential hills and neighborhood business districts are plowed but, since it's not a full city plow, residential streets are not plowed.

"When we do go to plow, we end up berming people's driveways in, so if it is at levels that can handle people driving through them then it works out much better," Condon said.

Monday morning Condon gave the city a B+ for its current snow removing efforts.

"The weather and the forecast worked in our favor this time and we were able to react much better," he said.

There are a lot of people across the Spokane area are ready for spring, and it appears to be on the way. The 7-day forecast calls for much warmer temperatures above freezing and rain through the weekend to help wash away the snow.