SPOKANE, Wash. -

The Spokane Police Department hosted a packed class Friday night, focusing on self defense.

"Enhancing the Survival Mindset" is focused on teaching women to expect the unexpected and be prepared for any situation.

"The thing we're trying to promote is being aware of your surroundings and avoiding these situations to start out with," said Kevin King with Spokane Police.

The class starts out in a classroom setting to discuss statistics and simple tips to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation, then moves into a more hands-on approach - putting students into mock scenarios where they must react to single or multiple attackers.

"We're always on the tail end of the crime," said King. "We're trying to take a little bit more of a proactive approach and go out and educate the community about being aware in those types of situations."

"Enhancing the Survival Mindset" is held several times a year. Anyone interested in signing up can go to www.spokanepolice.org for more information.