SPOKANE, Wash. -

A man was shot dead in a north Spokane apartment at 2228 North Astor Saturday night. His killer is still on the run.

Police responded to a shots fired call on the dark street, to find a man shot dead inside of an upstairs apartment.

"We're in the process of trying to identify possible suspects. Some people in the apartment have been taken down for interviewing by major crimes," SPD's Lt. Dean Sprague said at the scene.

One of those people told us off-camera the victim's first name is Arnold. The same friend claims Arnold was in the apartment with his girlfriend at the time of the shooting. Neighbors say they heard gunshots and a woman screaming, followed by footsteps towards the exit. The friend says Arnold didn't live at the apartment but stayed in there from time to time.

Police don't think this was a random shooting.

"We believe the victims and the perpetrators would have known each other or had some sort of connection," Lt. Mark Griffiths.

Investigators are working to verify witness accounts. They're also hoping surveillance cameras from nearby businesses recorded the killer's movements and getaway car. Police are asking for the public's help in catching this killer on the loose.

"We are considering everybody involved to be there at the time of the incident, so we're investigating everybody who could be connected," Lt. Griffiths said.

The medical examiner will release the identity of the man after an autopsy. Police are not releasing a suspect description at this point in the investigation.