SPOKANE, Wash. -

To most pet owners, your furry friends are family, and now the Spokane Fire Department says its better prepared to protect your pets in a fire.

With a donation of 25 pet oxygen masks, the Spokane Fire Department will now be able to have one on every single fire truck. Friday firefighters learned how to use the masks, designed especially for animals, something the department says is overdue.

“The equipment we had on board was about three oxygen masks throughout the department we'd been carrying around with us for 12 to 13 years,” Spokane Fire Lt. Ty Bruner said.

This is thanks to Invisible Fence Brand, who donated the masks, and North Division Animal Hospital, who offered to train the firefighters on how to use them.

“They have helped saved thousands of lives for pets and as we know pets are part of our families,” Heather Micek with Invisible Fence Brand said.

The fire department says they have as many dog and cat victims as they have human victims during house fires. This new equipment will replace the few outdated masks they use now.

“It's beneficial because it's equipment that we have on every rig so we're way more familiar with it than if it just showed up on one other rig, it's readily available, we can get to it quickly, and now we have some training in not only how to apply the mask, but how to give some sort of care that we bring out of the fire,” Bruner said.

Invisible Fence Brand donates these masks to fire departments around the country.

“Nationally since it started about 4,000 masks have been donated to fire departments in the United States,” Micek said.

The fire department says they're grateful for the donations that will help protect pets.