SPOKANE, Wash. -

Potholes seem to go with Spokane like coffee goes with cream. There's even a Facebook page dedicated to Spokane potholes. Now the city is hoping you'll get on board with a new plan to improve city streets.

By refinancing three bonds from 2004 the city hopes to create a levy that would provide the city with roughly $25 million a year. Some of that money comes from Federal funds.

City officials said improvement projects would be prioritized on which streets could use multiple improvements at the same time.

"Pavement condition, need to replace water main or sewer main, it could be the need to increase bike paths or pedestrian access to schools," said Utilities Communication Manager Marlene Feist.

The city council has yet to draft a measure for the November ballot but is expected to do that sometime in July or early August.

The city is hosting classes to educate the public on the street and parks refinancing proposal. For more information on those classes click here