SPOKANE, Wash. -

If you've ever had your property stolen and wondered what happened to it, there's a chance it could be waiting in a warehouse to be picked up. The Spokane Police Department recovers many stolen items that have no identifiable owner, which wait to be claimed before going to auction.

Many of the items currently sitting in that warehouse: bicycles. But, it's more than just bikes. There are clothes, power tools, even golf clubs, all waiting to be recovered.

"We recover property at, you know, if we serve a search warrant at a home where we know we have stolen property at... if we find property... there's a lot of different ways we can find stolen property," said Cpl. Teresa Fuller with the Spokane Police Department.

Spokane police try to return the recovered property to its rightful owner, but if a person can't prove the item is theirs, it will be difficult to get back.

"Say you don't have a means of identifying it specifically as your property, which the most common way to do that is a serial number, we can't get your stuff back to you," Fuller said.

That's why Spokane police suggest keeping a log of valuable items and their serial numbers. Store that information somewhere it can't be lost, like the cloud. Because, without those numbers, your precious property could be going to the highest bidder.

"Once we've held onto an item of property and have gone through all the means of trying to figure out who that property belongs to and can't get anywhere, then it can go to auction," said Fuller.

Those auctions happen about every six weeks. The items are put on display a day early, giving residents a final chance to prove an item is theirs. Then it hits the auction block. But, Cpl. Teresa Fuller says there is another way to avoid this headache.

"Your driver's licence number, if you engrave that on that item, that is a nationally recognized program amongst law enforcement agencies as a way to return people's property to them," she said.

Not everything will go to auction either. If it won't make money for SPD, then it's going in the trash. Officers say every six weeks they auction off about 300 items and throw away thousands.