SPOKANE, Wash. -

We've all dealt with noisy neighbors, but a South Hill neighborhood said they have had enough of a local business, they claim continually breaks the law.

All summer long Rocket Market on the South Hill has held their Outdoor Summer Concert Series. Their online calendar shows there have been at least two concerts, every week, since late April, and will last through the end of September.

A group of neighbors said they wouldn't mind them, if they were following the law.
Robert Peters has lived in his house that sits about 150 feet across the street from Rocket Market, for 20 years. He said in 2009 the city banned the concerts for noise complaints, but over time they started back up again.

Robert said on average the concerts last three hours a night, twice a week, and are louder than before. The Spokane City Noise Ordinance states you cannot play music louder than 55 decibels at 100 feet. Neighbors said at times it gets to 68 to 71 decibels inside their homes with windows closed.

Peters said he's spent thousands of dollars on sound proof windows for his home this summer. One neighbor has even gotten a doctors note about how the music effects her.

A few years ago Peters tried to run a food truck at the event and was told by the Rocket Market owners he could not.
Alan Sheperd, co-owner of the Rocket Market told KXLY, he believed this all stems from that incident.

"I take that as a distraction of the issue the issues is the music not a personal vendetta," Peters responded to the claim. "I don't even know that guy I've never had a conversation with him."

Sheperd, said he's very frustrated and that there is no winning in this situation. He said he has done everything in his power to make neighbors happy, but nothing will do that other than him shutting down the concerts for good.
Shepard pays one person just to monitor the noise and make sure people aren't drinking outside the zone they have set up.

The neighbors said they aren't sure of their next step, but they have hired an attorney.