SPOKANE, Wash. -

A law enforcement official tells kxly4 reports of a "person of interest" in the Rita Maze kidnapping investigation are false. There is no known person of interest at this time.

Maze was found dead in the trunk of her car outside Spokane early Wednesday morning. Her family had reported her missing from Montana hours before. During the time that passed, Maze made frantic calls to her family in Great Falls, saying she had been hit on the head at a rest stop outside Wolf Creek and was in the trunk of a car. She told her husband and daughter she loved them. She also said she didn't know whose trunk she was in and that her kidnapper had her gun.

A license plate reader on the Idaho border spotted Maze's car heading into Washington Tuesday afternoon. They used technology to track her phone and found her car in a trucking company's parking lot. Deputies saw Maze's purse on the passenger seat and the keys in the ignition. They broke the window, opened the trunk and found Maze dead inside.

Wednesday morning, Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton said in a news conference that he believed there was a person of interest in the case spotted on surveillance video. Thursday, a law enforcement official said that report is not true and that they have no person of interest.

The Spokane County Medical Examiner ruled Maze's cause of death as a single gunshot wound to the chest or abdomen. They listed her manner of death as "pending."

Rita's daughter Rochelle will appear on CNN's Nancy Grace Thursday evening. In a taping Thursday afternoon, Rochelle recounted her mother Rita's frantic phone calls. She also said her mother's credit card was used twice in the time she was missing. First, at a gas station in Kingston, Idaho at 4:16 pm. Then, it was used again at 9:55 pm at the Love's outside Ritzville.

Maze was found dead just after 12:30 pm outside Spokane.

The FBI said Thursday the investigation is ongoing. The Spokane County Sheriff's Office says they don't believe there is any imminent threat to the community.