SNAP loan program helping families avoid foreclosure

Published On: Apr 25 2013 07:13:23 PM PDT
House for sale
SPOKANE, Wash. -

Thousands of properties in Spokane County face foreclosure because of delinquent sewer and property tax bills but now there's more help for people who can't pay that could keep thousands of families in their homes.

Jaclyn and Tom Milroy were one of millions of American families that faced foreclosure.

"I was laid off of my job of ten years," Tom Milroy said.

"I got sick on mother's day and went to Holy Family and spent two and a half months," Jaclyn Milroy said.

With no job and thousands in medical bills, the Milroys got behind on their mortgage and almost lost their home, but didn't, thanks to a new program from SNAP.

On Thursday county leaders announced they'll start referring people delinquent on their sewer and property tax bills to the program. Roughly 10,000 are behind on their property taxes and another 1,000 are months to years late on their sewer bills.

SNAP's loan program can help them stay out of foreclosure.

"We're more interested in working out a payment plan, whatever we can do to keep people in their homes and get their bills paid," Kevin Cooke said.

SNAP is offering loans, currently at four-percent, to people that qualify. To qualify the home must be your primary residence, you must have 70-percent equity in it, and you must be able to repay the loan.

For more information, contact SNAP.

There may be more hope for people who owe the county money. The legislature is considering a bill that would end the major penalties on delinquent property taxes and allow partial payments. Currently, the county, by law, doesn't.

Also, a friendly reminder: Your first property tax payment is due Tuesday, April 30.