SPOKANE, Wash. -

Surveillance video taken at a Silver Valley convenience store could solve an alleged kidnapping from a Montana rest stop.

Spokane County Sheriff's deputies found the body of Rita Maze, 47, near Spokane International Airport last Tuesday. She was shot to death inside the trunk of her car.

Maze had called her husband on her cell phone to say that she had been kidnapped but now surveillance cameras in Kingston, Idaho could tell a different story. The Kwik Stop in Kingston is one of at least two places where Maze's credit card was used the day she disappeared. The question is who was seen on surveillance video pumping $25 of gas that afternoon, Maze or someone else?

Kwik Stop employees say they don't know the answer because they never looked at the video. The FBI asked for a specific time frame and the store handed over the footage.

Kwik Stop employees say the footage taken at the gas pumps is no longer in their surveillance system, but the FBI have a copy. If Maze was seen pumping her own gas in that footage it would cast a lot of doubt in her claims she was kidnapped.

A little more than five hours after the purchase in Kingston, her credit card was used for another $25 purchase at Love's in Ritzville.

Two and a half hours after that, deputies discovered Maze's body in the trunk of her car near the airport.

According to a search warrant, deputies found $50 in Maze's purse, her iPad on the floor in the back seat. Her death certificate obtained Monday lists her cause of death as "a single gunshot wound involving the chest and abdomen." The death certificate reports maze was "found dead in the trunk of car with pistol next to her body."

However instead of ruling her death a homicide, the medical examiner wrote "Manner of death: Still pending."