SPOKANE, Wash. -

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich warns a proposed law that would make it easier to get rid of bad cops is about to die in a committee before the legislature has a chance to vote on it.

“This bill simply says you shouldn’t commit a crime on duty and you shouldn’t lie, it’s no more than that,” Knezovich said.

A dozen chiefs and sheriffs joined Knezovich in calling on the state legislature to pass Senate Bill 6218 Tuesday.

The proposal would authorize the state agency that trains our officers and gives them commissions the power to take away those commissions under certain circumstances.

“This comes down to the credibility that each and every one of us who wears a badge has with our public,” Knezovich said. “The public trust is one thing that if we don’t have we can’t do this job anymore.”

The bill would not affect the way officers are disciplined by their departments, but if an officer is fired or resigns because of dishonesty issues, the commission could decertify their license to be an officer.

“I would urge anyone who happens to see this today to contact their representatives, their state senators, let them know you’re in favor and that you demand truthfulness and that police officers are not out committing crimes while on duty,” Stevens County Sheriff Kendle Allen said.

The labor groups representing local public safety workers don’t like the bill because of its career ending capabilities.

Knezovich said the proposal will die in committee on Friday without additional support.