SPOKANE, Wash. -

They’re coming to get you, Spokane. Local production company North by Northwest is helping to bring the zombie apocalypse to the Inland Northwest later this year.

This fall, the SyFy Channel will premiere "Z Nation," a new, 13-episode series that will be filmed on-location in Spokane.

The Asylum – which produced "Sharknado" – and Go 2 Digital Media are producing the series, which is being helmed by Karl Shaerfer, who was the co-executive producer for the SyFy TV series "Eureka."

Filming in Spokane will mean local talent will be needed to help flesh out the apocalypse, so 1,200 extras and 200 actors will be hired in the coming month. Rich Cowan, with North by Northwest, said this production could make a large financial impact in Spokane.

“Doing a series you have many, many months of work for the crew and then you have a second year and then a third year and then on. So it's a game-changer for production here. Sustainable jobs here in Spokane," he said.

The story focuses on a team of survivors attempting to transport the only known person to survive a zombie bite across the country to California, where the last functioning lab waits for his blood. The team will face many challenges on their journey in the post-apocalyptic world.

Cowan said that one of the reasons producers chose Spokane was because of it's diverse scenery, from the city to rural areas, not to mention light traffic and abundance of parking.

Shooting on "Z Nation" begins in May and will wrap in September.