SPOKANE, Wash. -

A Spokane Falls Community College student was hit by a car around 4 p.m. Tuesday night. She was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Investigators say she was likely crossing the street to catch a bus.

The 19-year-old woman was hit while crossing the street near 3400 W Fort George Wright Road. The impact smashed the driver's windshield. Investigators say the student was near the crosswalk, but don't know if she was in it or if the signal was in her favor.

The sun was another factor of the collision. Spokane Police say there is a bright glare for westbound drivers on the road at sunset. Investigators say the driver had a bright glare across her windshield when the student was hit.

Austin Kunze rides the bus everyday to class, and has seen students run out in front of buses to the other side. When that happens, Kunze says the bus drivers will send a message.

"I've seen a few times when they actually tell the pedestrian 'you're not allowed on the bus because of what you just did," Kunze said.

A similar collision happened February 6th at Monroe and Longfellow. There, a 16-year-old got off the bus and didn't look for other cars while darting out into the road.

"They just got off the bus and ran directly in front of the bus which would have blocked the view of the driver going southbound," said Lt. Alan Arnzen at the scene.

That teen was seriously injured, and lived. Investigators reviewed STA bus video, which showed he was at fault.

Police will also check bus cameras from the SFCC collision.

According to a drug recognition officer on scene, the driver in this crash was not impaired. No charges will be filed.

An SFCC spokeswoman told KXLY in her 13-year career, she's never seen an auto-pedestrian collision like this. SFCC instructors will inform students in class about what happened. The school will also have counselors on hand for students affected.