SPOKANE, Wash. -

Registered sex offender Billy Ogan was recently released from jail is back behind bars after allegedly exposing himself to a teenage girl at the STA Bus Plaza in downtown Spokane.

Spokane Police say Monday night Ogan was at the bus plaza making a nuisance of himself, yelling obscenities and pushing other passengers. Ogan, who has nearly two dozen felony convictions, then approached a 16-year-old girl in the new smoking area and asked the teen if she wanted him to expose himself.

The girl declined and police say that's when Ogan, a Level II sex offender, went ahead and exposed himself anyway. The incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

Last fall, Ogan was arrested for exposing himself to female drivers on the upper South Hill. In that case he received a 90-day sentence. Now he's allegedly re-offended at the STA Bus Plaza, and on Tuesday a judge saw the necessity to keep him locked up.

In court Tuesday prosecutors cited the recurring nature of Ogan's behavior as reason for a high bond.

"I should note the state dealt with Mr. Ogan in January of 2014 for very similar type charges and he's back with new allegations of indecent exposure," deputy prosecutor Eugene Cruz said.

Ogan's public defender, Karen Lindholdt, explained her client's offensive behavior was the result of his mental health problems, arguing that because he is a transient just about any bond would be out of his price range.

"Because for all intents and purposes Mr. Ogan is indigent, whether the court imposes five thousand or thirty thousand he will not be getting out," Lindholdt said.

Judge Greg Sypolt agreed with prosecutors on the bond issue and set it at $30,000.

It's an amount he can't afford and so Ogan will likely remain behind bars until his next trial. Even if that bond amount is reduced, Judge Sypolt has ordered Ogan to stay away from the STA plaza.