SPOKANE, Wash. -

There's still plenty of time to check out the Spokane County Interstate Fair, which includes one attraction this year who's kind of a big deal.

Meet Big John, a 2,500 pound, 10-year-old Bergeron horse and part of the agriculture education experience at the fair. How big? He's so big he eats 40 pounds of feed -- one bale of hay -- every day.

"In this part of the country it is pretty uncommon to see a horse this large and this easy to work with," Connie Boger said.

Yes, Big John is a gentle giant. While there's no doubt he is a big part of the show he isn't the only part.

"They can milk a cow, they can pet the sheep and the goats and read the educational signs," Boger said. "We hope to educate people when they come in without them really realizing that they're being educated."

That's the mission of Boger and her team, give people, especially young people, at least a small idea of why life on the farm is so essential to life everywhere.

"Agriculture in America is very, very important all of us need it and none of us realize how important it really is unless we tell people and we have to continue to tell people how important it is and that that's where their food comes from," she said.