SPOKANE, Wash. -

More than 24 hours after they clinched their spot in this year's Super Bowl, Seahawk fever is sweeping Spokane.

Shirts and hats are flying off the shelves at Sport Town in downtown Spokane, and staff is working non-stop to keep customers happy. Similar scenes are also playing out at Just Sports and Dick's Sporting Goods.

"It's been crazy, Seahawks fans left and right just ready for the gear and the Super Bowl," said Just Sports employee Zach Matchett. "This is like Christmas for us. We don't have to deal with 49er fans, it's all Seahawks fans so that's the greatest for us."

So how much will it cost you to wear all that gear at the big game in New Jersey? On StubHub.com tickets are starting at $2500, the NFL Ticket Exchange website starts at $2800. That's not including the cost of airfare, hotel or parking once you arrive.