SPOKANE, Wash. -

Very little background information is known on most of the animals SCRAPS takes in however, through a series of tests they are able to identify a dog's strengths and weaknesses to determine if the dog is adoptable.

"We're going to look at three things to help us determine if a dog is safe to adopt out into a new home," said Nancy Hill of SCRAPS.

The shelter considers information received by intake from the person turning the dog in.

"Was the dog doing something bad and that's why people or an officer brought it in here? Was it a really nice dog that's just lost," said Hill.

After the dog is at the shelter for a minimum of 24 hours, they take a safe assessment test. The safe assessment is a national test used by shelters throughout the United States.

"We're going to put the dog into different situations and evaluate the dog's reaction," Hill said.

The test ranges from anything like a simple touch to a squeeze to a fake hand being placed in and near the dog's food bowl while they are eating. The dog is ranked in each area on a scale system from one to five.

"We call ones across the board a perfect dog, a two a little more challenging, a three probably should be in training classes," said Hill.

Fours are often sent to a rescue to receive training on the problem areas, and fives are deemed as un-adoptable. Hill said luckily, very few dogs receive fives.

The final thing SCRAPS looks into is the behavior of the dog under their care and if the staff notices any behavior issues.