SPOKANE, Wash. -

Riverfront Park's Canada Island will soon be no more. Park planners want to change the name to something that reflects Salish history.

Canada Island sits in the Spokane River on the north side of the park across from The Flour Mill.

The island was originally named Canada Island for Expo '74 as a symbolic show of solidarity to our neighbors to the north. Now, as the park is in the middle of a remodel, the focus is shifting to change the name to reflect the Native American culture.

Historically, the whole area was the ancestral lands of the Spokane Tribe. The Riverfront Park committee would like to bring more of that history into the remodeled park.

“I think in the future park it could be a cultural stopping point where you check in,” said Riverfront Park Committee Chairperson Ted McGregor. “I'm not sure what all the plans would include to mark that.”

The name change is still in the works. Planners hope to have the Spokane Tribe come up with a few names they can approve or maybe even get some public input. They want a name that reflects the tribe's history.

The committee will present a resolution for name change to Spokane City Council in October.