SPOKANE, Wash. -

Spokane has experienced its first Stage One Snow Event of the season and already residents are reviewing the city's efforts to clear the streets in a timely fashion.

Grading the city on how it handled the first snow event of the season is sort of like changing a diaper. Some parts are clean, easy to handle while others are just a mess.

Winter in Spokane means snow on the roads, followed by people's opinions on how the city is clearing those roads.

"I would probably go with a B," said Rick Matthews.

KXLY asked residents to give a grade to the city's plow efforts during the first Stage One Snow Event of the season.

"I think they try and be aggressive in terms of putting out the deicer and that sort of stuff," said Matthews.

Aside from slush in the shade, downtown looked fairly good.

"My neighborhood however, I think I would have to give them an F," said Matthews.

The Comstock neighborhood did look like it hadn't been plowed. A fail for some, A+ plus for others who considered it the perfect cross country skiing terrain.

"That's what you get to do when you're a retired teacher," said Comstock resident Lynne Baum. "Today I love the fact that they haven't gotten to the side roads yet."

But overall Baum gives the city a passing grade for their work.

"I would give them an A for the main roads throughout the town because I never have trouble" Baum said.

The city won't plow neighborhoods until a Stage One is declared. On Tuesday the city had 11 grader teams out, a total of 42 trucks combing the 2,200 lane miles of the city. Scott Miller removes those berms the city leaves behind and he travels quite a ways to get the job done.

"From Mead High School all the way to 57th," he said, adding he didn't have any problems with the effort.

When you head north into the Corbin Park neighborhood, however, opinions may vary.

"I'd give it a C-," said Corbin Park resident Michael Biehl. "I haven't seen them touch this street and a lot of the streets I often walk on. I haven't seen that."

When asked what grade they thought they deserved, city officials said they thought they deserved an A, because they declared the snow event early and had more than 30 truck drivers out on the road Monday, focusing on critical areas such as arterials, bus routes, hill roads, hospitals and business areas.

As for Extra Credit, that goes to Mother Nature, with warmer temperatures above freezing Tuesday and through the rest of the week, allowing for some of that snow to melt off.