Crews are working hard to make progress on the Cayuse Mountain Fire, which has burned more than 18,000 acres and 13 homes near Wellpinit, where the destruction caused by the fire is on display on Elijah Road.

Days ago Wellpinit was forced to evacuate as the fire tore through homes and timber. Today Julia Carter looks at the street she grew up on now and the charred remains left behind are nearly unrecognizable.

“I grew up out here. I've lived my whole life out here. I'm 30 years old and it went all the way down. Our whole family lives on this road. It's crazy, just crazy,” she said.

Carter was at home Sunday night when she heard a fast moving wildfire coming straight for her. As the fire came racing down the hill the first thing she thought about was to get water on the house.

“Just trying to water my house down and make a puddle around my house, just trying to save it a little bit,” she said.

The fire circled her house and while the siding might be melted her house is still standing.

Most of her neighbors weren't so lucky, 13 homes lost to the fire, most of them on her road.

“Looking at how close it was ... very lucky. I'm very lucky,” she said.

That luck must run in the family because her parents' home across the street also survived.

“My house is still here and we're all alive. It's good. I'm alright with that,” Carter said.

Unfortunately, while Carter's family works to get back to a sense of normalcy, for at least 13 homeowners in Wellpinit, their recovery back to normal is a long way away.