SPOKANE, Wash. -

The heavy storms that tracked all the way from Yakima and the Tri-Cities through Eastern Washington, roared through Spokane at speeds upwards of 45 mph. Now many neighborhoods are picking up and waiting for the power to come back on. 

Residents of Nine Mile Falls were cleaning up Monday morning, the sound of chainsaws thick in the air around lunchtime. The storm that passed through moved quick but left a lot of destruction.

"It started out as a breeze and like everybody knows it hit almost like a tornado," said Nine Mile Falls resident Monte Tareski.

Tareski had several trees topple over in his yard.

"It was extremely loud when it came through the window," said Tareski.

The storm that generated severe thunderstorm warnings until 11:15 Sunday night often times had winds gusting to 60 mph. Downed trees rested on power lines, SUVs and one home behind the Eagle's Nest coffee shop got hit twice, with one tree punching a whole in the roof, another crunching a Chevrolet Avalanche parked in the driveway.

Damage was reported throughout the region. A trailer near Fairchild Air Force Base was blown over. Downdrafts from the storm created sand storm like conditions near Odessa and one camper was reported dead in Pend Oreille County when wind knocked a tree onto his tent.

"Quick and a lot of destruction; we had three trees fall. We were pretty lucky," said Nine Mile Falls resident Warren Wheeler.

Wheeler's house didn't escape untouched, however. As quickly as the thunder was there and gone the damage was apparent.

"And we looked out about 10 minutes later and saw about an 18" thick tree trunk across the patio then we looked outside an saw the damage," said Wheeler.

At one point Avista Utilities reported 12,000 homes without power while Inland Power reported almost 4,000. Kevin Doege and his crew of Inland Power line-workers worked throughout the night to get the power back on.

"Newman Lake, Hauser, all over the place," said Doege.

Residents in some neighborhoods have been waiting nearly 24 hours for the power to come back on.