Walk into Wellpinit High School and someone from outside the community might think students are getting ready for a rummage sale. To Wellpinit residents, however, its just family looking after each other in the wake of the Cayuse Mountain Fire.

It all started on Facebook.

“Posted some things on social media and things started to come in,” Joni Scott said.

Those things appeared to be coming in with no rhyme or reason. Coffee, jeans, bottled water, toys, corn, cantaloupe, Crest toothpaste, shoes, shampoo, bedsheets.

“We do have a little bit of everything,” Scott said.

These items represent a community coming together to help when its members need it most. In just 24 hours Wellpinit collected all these items for their friends and family who lost everything in the Cayuse Mountain Fire.

“The reservation family is a family. and so you're going to help your family,” Scott said.

When Joni Scott agreed to help get all these items prepared for those families it didn't take much convincing.

“I don't really know what else i would be doing. I mean I could sitting at my house and chasing around a two-year-old or I could be here. And this is where I need to be, cause you know, this is my family.

The donation center at the high school will be open Wednesday, and people are welcome to drop things off or pick stuff up if you need help.