SPOKANE, Wash. -

Prosecutors have filed charges against a Spokane father who blew up his car and burned his daughter while trying to distill marijuana.

It's called honey oil and apparently if you pour butane lighter fluid into a pipe filled with marijuana you can collect highly concentrated THC in coffee filters on the bottom of the pipe. It sounds like a process that's really easy to screw up and that's exactly what happened when Jacob Sayman tried it inside the confines of his Toyota Scion.

Sayman told police he was disgusted with the results and tossed the pipe, now filled with butane saturated dope in the backseat.

Unfortunately Sayman's young daughter was in the car with him and when he tried to light a cigarette he ignited the fumes inside the Toyota.

"Just heard a big explosion, it shook us and immediately looked back and there was debris up in the air probably ten feet," witness Asa Manchan said.

Witnesses rushed to the car to comfort the child who had burns on her feet. Sayman was burned as well.

The Spokane Fire Department joined the investigation and earlier this week prosecutors filed assault of a child with aggravating factors and manufacturing a controlled substance charges against him.

Sayman is not in custody but will be called to his arraignment later this month where the court may place restrictions on him.