For most of us it simply isn't the 4th of July without fireworks, but where you can buy them and set them off is very restricted in the Inland Northwest.

Airway Heights is one of the local communities that does allow fireworks, and while most of the rest of Spokane County has a fireworks ban, that didn't stop people from heading to Airway Heights to make last minute pyrotechnics purchases.

"A world of procrastinators and I am one of them," Janet Stutzman, who works at the TNT Fireworks stand in Airway Heights said.

She said the 4th of July is absolute madness; each day they are here they double the business they did the day before.

"The variety packs are super popular and of course out here you can buy the aerial balls that shoot up in the air that are only legal in Airway Heights and definitely very popular," she said.

Janet and her staff don't ask people where they take what they buy but they do offer sound advice and hope people do the right thing.

"We're just reminding people to have your bucket of water your hose and go somewhere where they're legal," she said.

Bryan Rhodes and his daughters live on the South Hill so they're getting out of town.

"Going to the lake, doing some jet skiing, some barbecuing and have a good time and enjoy the sun," he said.

Kara Roberts and her son Bondar, meanwhile, are disagreeing on what to get.

"Try to get things that are safe and don't make a lot of noise," she laughed.

Away from his mom, Bondar admitted his real favorite fireworks are the Roman Candles.

"You light them and they just shoot like I don't even know like they shoot like a bunch of like balls of sparks and it hurts when you get hit," he said.

Thank goodness his mom wasn't in earshot when he said that, though if Kara Roberts is reading this, her son probably has some explaining to do.