An Idaho State Trooper who lost his battle with bone cancer made one last trip down Interstate 90 Thursday, as fellow troopers escorted his body home to Sandpoint.

Sgt. Kevin Bennett, 36, died Tuesday at a Seattle hospital from complications after a bone marrow transplant. Bennett was diagnosed with bone cancer last year and a bone marrow transplant was his shot at getting better.

"And that's the thing that really hits you, it's sad to see anyone young or any age for that matter. But for someone so young, with three young children and a family and a good career and everything else going for them, yes it is sad," Chief Wayne Longo, with the Coeur d'Alene Police Department said.

"I look at my career ending, I'm 60 years old, take me. If I could give it up I would. Give it back, so he could live. I've lived my life, I've lived my career. It's so sad to see someone in the middle of life, family, career to be gone. You can always say they are in a better place and he is- but it still doesn't take away the pain. I feel it today, and I'm sure I'll feel it on the bridge when we see him go beneath us," Longo added.

Longo worked with Bennett at ISP for several years. Longo said he will always remember Bennett's smile.

"Kevin had just a soft smile, very easy going personality and attitude. I don't know if I really saw Kevin get too excited about anything. Just a level person, what you saw is what you got and it was always good," he added.

Washington State Patrol and Idaho State Police escorted Bennett's body 353 miles from Seattle to Sandpoint. Along the way, people held signs and waved flags from overpasses to honor a man who gave so much to his community. Bennett was a trooper with ISP for 15 years.

Bennett leaves behind a wife and three children.

A public memorial is scheduled for Wednesday, July 31st at 3 p.m. at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls.