SPOKANE, Wash. -

As Spokane was dusted with a few inches of snow overnight, local plowers are optimistic for more snow and phone calls that will ring up business.

"We have been waiting for it all year and it's finally coming hopefully," Jared Landin said.

Landin owns First Response Plumbing and on days like Wednesday if he's not plumbing, he's plowing.

"Usually most of us have about five to ten customers that we are doing the plowing for usually we start about two or three o'clock in the morning and keep going until you're done and get back to your real job," he said.

Landin loves the snow, but not just for the extra income it brings in.

"Oh no, it's good, it's fun, some people think its a pain but for us with the plows and the nice plows it's no big deal," he said.

"A little blanket of white snow; kind of expected it looked like it was going to snow all night so i am kind of glad to see it. I think it's good for the ski mountains and know all the skiers really like it," Patrick Martin said.

Martin deals with the snow at his South Hill home on a smaller scale

"Down here as long as it stays kind of mild it's good to me," he said.

Wednesday Martin's just counting his blessings that he doesn't live on the east coast

"Compared to those guys back there they can keep it back there I am happy to be in the Northwest and hope we don't get a whole lot of snow down here but I hope the mountains get pounded," Martin said.

Martin's also happy about his friendly neighbor, Shirley.

"Shirley, yeah she came over she usually does my driveway and the walkways because she has got that power blower. A great neighbor," he said.

Shirley clears the driveways for each neighbor on her block.

"She loves it, she stays very active and she's a great neighbor to have and I appreciate having her next door," Martin said.

As for Jared Landin, he isn't so busy with residential customers just yet but he knows it's coming

"When the big snow comes then everybody starts calling and that's when everybody is slammed working around the clock," he said.