SPOKANE, Wash. -

Pot shops will start popping up all over the state next year, but the licensing period underway right now is helping officials determine who has put serious thought into crafting a plan for running a recreational marijuana store and who hasn't.

Whether you want to buy at 420 Pot Shop or New Amsterdam, marijuana is coming to Washington.

One potential shop owner clearly has an extensive plan in Spokane Valley. He applied to have a shop called Treehouse Club in this location about 30 feet from a McDonald's. Others like Scott Fox have plans of their own.

"We've been open about a year here, and we're hoping to be able to move into retail under I-502," Fox said.

Fox owns a medical marijuana dispensary and hopes to open "Sam Fox Iincorporated" on East Sprague Avenue.

"We have the experience, we have the know how. This is what we do every single day. That's the way the industry is moving, so we'd like to move along with it," he explained.

In Spokane Valley the owners of Dr. Greenthumb hope to also covert their dispensary into "509 Cannabis Stop and Shop."

"Kind of as a backbone, so if anything did go wrong, we could still get the cannabis to our patients," Dr. Greenthumb owner Jesse Tilson said.

Both owners may want to switch to recreational sales but neither says they're chasing big money.

"Start out small, start out slow and be very cautious on what we do so that way we make the right decisions through the future so we can be here a long time," Tilson said.

Both sites are zoned to allow pot sales, while others aren't so lucky. Some applied to have a store in their apartment, which would be illegal. Convenience stores aren't allowed to sell pot either.

One Spokane woman applied to have a shop in the Garland District. The problem is the man who owns the current bike store at the location she applied to open her shop has never heard of her. It's also not zoned for a recreational marijuana store.

We are two weeks until the end of the licensing period and Spokane can have up to eight stores and Spokane Valley can have three, although right now there aren't even enough applications to fill that quota yet.