SPOKANE, Wash. -

Most of us are lucky enough to never fall victim to violent crime, but property crime can happen to anyone so Spokane Police are trying to stop those responsible.

Over the weekend the police department ran a 'hot spot special,' where officers focus on enforcing a particular crime in a particular spot.

This weekend it was city-wide property theft. They contacted a total of 20 people over the weekend which resulted in three arrests.

Spokane Police recovered a stolen vehicle at Central and Standard and found drugs inside. That incident nabbed two arrests, one of them being felony.

Michael Etue, 34, was arrested on a felony warrant for possession of a stolen motor vehicle and was also charged for possession of controlled substance for methamphetamine.

Spokane Police think that many of the property crimes are drug driven.

“This is what we see. We've seen it for years and years. Property crimes are related in drugs in many ways,” Spokane Police Captain Keith Cummings said.

Police say that the hot spot emphasis rely on people reporting crimes, that's why they ask if you see something to contact Crime Check at 456-2233.