SPOKANE, Wash. -

The suspect who reportedly fired several shots inside the Double Eagle pawn shop, located at 3030 E. Sprague Avenue in east Spokane, has been taken into custody and is now facing a robbery charge.

Jonathan Johnson, 26, came out of the business at 12:30 and was taken into custody by the SWAT team without incident.

Earlier in the morning, an eyewitness reported hearing shots fired inside the store and then saw employees and customers flee from the pawn shop. Inside the store, witnesses said Johnson was looking at a shotgun when he loaded the weapon and fired off at least two rounds, scattering employees and customers.

Spokane Police confirmed no one was injured when Johnson opened fire and may have been a ploy to get attention.

Earlier reports indicated that Johnson may have had a hostage; the staff of the pawn shop later told police that all of of their staff members were accounted for. Authorities also confirmed all customers that were in the shop at the time the gunman opened fire were accounted for as well.

Johnson will be facing a charge of First Degree Robbery for a gun he stole from pawn shop employees.