SPOKANE, Wash. -

A Spokane man is under investigation for communication with a minor for immoral purposes after he was caught in the dugout of the Rogers High School baseball field with a 15-year-old girl.

Dustin Moore, who is approximately 27 years old, was arrested after he was spotted in the dugout with the girl and, when contacted by the school resource officer, was found to have a dangerous weapon on him on school grounds and booked into the jail.

The subsequent investigation revealed that Moore had been having an ongoing sexual relationship with the teen, who was his neighbor, from May through September of this year. The two met approximately two years ago, when the girl was 14, when Moore started going over to her home.

Moore, according to court documents, gave the girl a cell phone, which she used to transmit sexually explicit photographs of herself to him.

The girl admitted that she had been dating Moore and began having sex with him three months ago. She also told a friend about the relationship and asked her to go with her to Planned Parenthood so she could get birth control. The teen told another friend that she had been having sex with Moore and was in love with him.