SPOKANE, Wash. -

A woman was dropped off at a local hospital Friday night with gunshots wounds in her chest. Spokane police are trying to find out where the shooting happened and who did it.

"We are trying to piece together what occurred and where this happened," Lt. Eric Olsen said outside of the hospital.

Police found part of an answer at the Wendy's on north Division near the Red Lion River Inn. The restaurant closed early after shots were fired in the parking lot, allowing investigators to work.

"She was able to talk to us initially before she had too much medical treatment, so that did give us information to start with," Lt. Mark Griffiths said.

From that, investigators found her car at nearby Zip's but couldn't explain why. Surveillance cameras at the hospital and witness accounts should provide key information. The next step is catching them.

"We believe the victims and the perpetrators would have known each other or had some sort of connection," Lt. Mark Griffiths said.