Police in Browne's Addition investigating Ricin letters

Published On: May 18 2013 08:08:54 AM PDT   Updated On: May 18 2013 06:43:09 PM PDT
Ricin investigation in Browne's Addition
SPOKANE, Wash. -

Spokane Police conducted an operation in Browne's Addition Saturday morning in conjunction with the investigation into two letters that preliminarily tested positive for Ricin found at the Spokane Post Office earlier this week.

FBI agents and other law enforcement officials spent the day in hazmat suits, collecting evidence inside a second floor unit at the Osmun Apartment at 1st and Oak in Browne's Addition.

"They are looking for evidence that could be linked to criminal activity, specific to the threatening letters," Ayn Sandalo Dietrich, an FBI spokeswoman said.

The FBI said no arrests have been made but neighbors said they watched agents escort a man out of the apartment and into a car early this morning.

"He just seemed resigned, he wasn't  handcuffed or anything. I don't know if he was a suspect or not but he was the only one wearing Bermuda shorts and everyone else was dressed.  Who is to say who he is," said Carl Vincent, who live across the street from where the search warrant was being executed.

Earlier in the week the 10th Civil Support Team, a Washington National Guard unit whose mission it is to investigation weapons of mass destruction, was deployed to Spokane after the discovery of the letters. Their mission was to aid in identifying whether or not Ricin was found in those letters.

A news release posted to the American Postal Workers Union website earlier this week said two letters addressed to the Spokane Post Office and a federal judge were postmarked May 13 and arrived at the post office on May 14. Both preliminarily tested positive for Ricin.

The APWU website report stated "they have no reason to believe that any employees are at risk from handling the suspect letters as they passed through the mailstream in Spokane.