Police continue to search for a man they say shot and killed another man Friday evening in North Spokane. Police say a fight Friday night led Joshua Tillery to shoot 33-year-old Devon Mack in the head.

Detectives say they've interviewed everyone that was at this house when the shooting occurred and that led them to apply for a warrant for second degree murder for Joshua Tillery.

According to a police affidavit Tillery was returning to a home in the 4500 block of N. Lincoln Friday evening with groceries when he got into a confrontation with Mack. Witnesses say Tillery had a black gun in his hand when the two started fighting in the living room.

Witnesses say they heard Tillery say, 'Get off me dog. Don't make me shoot you.' Seconds later witnesses heard a gunshot.

Tillery told them he didn't mean for the gun to go off. Then they saw Tillery leave from the back of the home with a woman who lived there.

"Typically these people do not leave town. So I suspect he is in town and probably taking shelter at friends or family or some place like that," said Spokane Police Lt. Mark Griffiths.

The medical examiner said Mack died from a gunshot wound to the head. Police continue to look for Tillery.

"Well, we would consider him dangerous at this point that is why we want him to be contacted as soon as we can and make sure people call police as soon as they see him," said Griffiths.

The woman at the home who left with Tillery has been questioned and released. Police hope Tillery's unique tattoos will help someone point him out to authorities.

"The officers know he is wanted. He is listed in the computer throughout the United States as wanted so if he is contacted anywhere he will be known that he is wanted for murder," said Griffiths.

 Police say Tillery should be considered dangerous and if anyone has information on where he is or knows where he is they should call 911 immediately.